• Holiday with an Italian Family

    Nice climate, Italian cuisine, good conditions and language learning.

  • Italian in 3 weeks!

    Effective learning in the most natural way.

  • Memories for a lifetime.

    Conversations with locals, new acquaintances, trips to the spots in the area.

Feel invited

Imagine you are sitting on a bench in the town of Ca’Savio, the Venice Lagoon, reading Charles’ Baudelaire aphorism: ”Sempre il mare, uomo libero, amerai” and understanding, that the sea is a feeling of freedom, breath of wind and a warm sound of the waves on the Adriatic Sea. Unthinkable! But hear more of what can be said about the sea: “Il mare è un antico idioma che non riesco a decifrare.” says Jorge Luis Borges. It is an antique idiom, in which words reflect like venice carnival masks in the mirror… Sounds impossible? Well, it is to be changed.

Spend one to three weeks in S. Dona’ di Piave, immerse in the singular italian culture and language, marvel at the environs of region Vento.

Our family will take care of the comfort of your stay and effective learning of Italian, in the most natural way for a human, by getting to know the world word by word.

This ultra effective method suggest speaking only in italian during entire period of the course. Of course, it is based on your level of fluency and on the leading theme you chose.

How is it different from learning in a regular language school? Staying with an italian family, you feel like a true Italian yourself, you take part in real, not arranged conversations by the table, during walks, trips and other occasions essential for the development of your linguistic talent. The only limits, which do not have to be a problem, is the lack of Wi-Fi and lack of chance to speak in your native language, which is going to have a very positive influence on your learning!

We take care of the transport to the M. Polo Airport (Venice) and Antonio Canova Airport (Treviso). We are in possession of an own car as well.

  • Single people

    We are going to keep you company

  • Couples

    New extraordinary experiences

  • Students

    New knowledge and experience

  • Working people

    Great idea for a holiday

  • Pensioners

    We are learning all our lives

  • Travelers

    Stay at our place

Terms of stay

  • Separate suite vis-à-vis the family

    Remember – this place is only to sleep in. During the course we are not going to sit in the room all day long!

  • Kitchenette

    Everybody needs to eat something and this kitchenette allows you to tray the newly-learned italian recipes.

  • Elevator

    Useful solution, especially for people with a physical disability.

  • Secured apartment

    There is no chance for a burgling as the area is guarded.

  • Maintenance

    The best way to get to know the italian cuisine is to eat with a traditional italian family.

Italian language courses

Every course is based on an overall-analytical system using different medias (movies, music, literature).

For the beginners

First contact with the language: lots of practical exercises, conversations, understanding of the spoken common language, phonetic exercises, grammar and others.

For the intermediate

Intermedio – if you already know a bit – learning through reading and understanding texts, conversations, practical exercises.

For advanced

Potenziamento – perfecting the knowledge you already have – debating on a given subject, broadening the knowledge of italian culture, idioms and common language, grammatical exercises.

“In the land of the lyric”

We speak about the lyric in italian (Puccini, Verdi, Mascagni and others). You can choose your favorite author or piece to discuss.

Italian through music

We learn italian from music lyrics (pop, rock, rap and any genre you prefer).

Songs and folk songs of Venice

Learning italian through traditional songs and folk songs of Venice. Learning the language as well as the tradition and culture. You can hear a sample below:

During every language course you have opportunity to visit local spots:

33.6 km

to Venice

26.1 km

to Treviso

26.1 km

to Pordenone


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